The Florida Frontier Guards; Seminole War Re-enactors & Living History, 1835-1842.

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"A man can defend his country and fight her enemies a good deal better in the clothes he uses in his vocation than he can in a jacket full of lace and buckram. All the requisites wanting in the American soldier is love for his country and her government, a stout healthy body, and a good musket and bayonet; To hell with dandy's in uniform..."
Pvt. Bartholemew M. Lynch, 1839.

Photo by Amiee Marshall
Captain Nipper of the Florida Frontier Guard engages the Seminoles, Fort Cooper State Park, 2007.

Welcome to our Seminole War Reenactor web site!
     The "Florida Frontier Guards"  is an unincorporated association of like minded reenactors intirested in interpreting the service of United States military personnel in Florida during the "Florida War" of 1835-1842 (called the "2nd Seminole War" in modern times...).
     During that conflict roughly 30,000 militia and volunteer troops were used to support the US Army's operations in the Florida Territory. Many of these were volunteers served terms of three, six, or twelve months in US Army service.
     Feel free to browse these pages to learn more about our hobby of Seminole War Reenacting and Living History, as well as about the thousands of citizen soldiers from across the United States who served as militia and US Army Volunteers in the "Florida War."

Please do peruse the remainder of our humble web site...

Second Seminole War Reenactors, 1835-1842