The Florida Frontier Guards; Seminole War Re-enactors & Living History, 1835-1842.

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 For those interested in more information on the Second Seminole War, the following links will be of interest.
websites like Google Books  and have digitized thousands of books for viewing online. These include many titles of value to Seminole War reenactors, students, and enthusiasts. Check out these in particular for more about the service of the US Army volunteers etc. in the 2nd Seminole War:
The best single volume of the history of the 2nd Seminole War prior to the 1960s was John T. Sprague's history of the Florida War (1848). You can read it here:
First Hand Accounts...
Woodburne Potter's "War in Florida" (1836) is an account of the origins of the 2nd Seminole War, and a first hand account of the first campaigns, particularly Gaine's Campaign and the Battle of Camp Izard.
Another excellent account of the service of the volunteer troops in Florida during the 2nd Seminole War is William W. Smith's "A Lieutenant of the Left Wing" published in Charleston, SC in 1836. Smith was a member of Brisbane's Regiment of South Carolina volunteer infantry in Gen. Winfield Scott's Florida campaign in early 1836. He describes several skirmishes, including a first hand account of the Battle of Fort Barnwell at Volusia on the St. Johns River.
Another South Carolinian, M. Myer Cohen, also produced an account of the war, and his journal during Winfield Scott's campaign of 1836.
  Captain James Barr of the Louisiana Volunteers served in Florida during 1836 at Fort Brooke and campaigning along the Peace River. The full text of his narrative memoir of the campaign can be read here:

More to come!

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Second Seminole War Reenactors, 1835-1842