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Militia and Volunteer Units in the Seminole Wars

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Militia and Volunteer Units in the Seminole Wars
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Below is an incomplete list of militia and volunteer units who served in the Seminole Indian Wars, 1835-1842.
***Please Note: We do not have copies of the muster rolls of these units. That data must be found either at the various state archives, or at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. To the present, only the records of Florida militia and US volunteers of the 2nd and 3rd Seminole Wars have been fully compiled, and available on National Archives microfilm. There are indexes for the rolls of the Alabama and Louisiana volunteers available on microfilm from National Archives as well.

US Army Volunteer Units in the 2nd Seminole War, 1835-1842. (The list of units by state is incomplete and will be updated accordingly.)
Aggregate: A total of 2,357 men from this state served in Florida between 1835-1840.
Colonel William Chisolm's Regiment of Alabama Volunteers (Inf.), 1836.
Major Caulfield's Battalion of Alabama Mounted Volunteers, 1836-1837.
District of Columbia:
Aggregate: A total of 139 District of Columbia Volunteers served in Florida 1836-1838.
Captain Irvin's Company of District of Columbia Volunteers, 1836-1837.
Aggregate: A total of 6, 854 Florida troops served as US Volunteers during the 1835-1839 period.
Gen. R. K. Call's Brigade of Florida Mounted Volunteers, 1835.
Major Leigh Read's Battalion of Florida Volunteers, 1836.
Warren's 1st Regiment of Florida Mounted Volunteers, 1836-1837.
[And a whole bunch more to come!]
Aggregate: A total of 2, 574 Georgians served in Florida between 1836-1838.
Major Mark A. Cooper's 1st Battalion of Georgia Foot (Inf.), 1836.
Major Robertson's Augusta (GA) Battalion (Inf.), 1836.
Major Nelson's Battalion of Mounted Volunteers, 1836-1837.
Aggregate: A total of 1,179 men from this state served in Florida between 1836-1838.
Colonel P.F. Smith's Regiment of Louisiana Volunteers (Inf. & Rifle), 1836.
Capt. H. Marks' Company of Lousisiana Volunteers, 1836.
Aggregate: A total of 474 men from this state served in Florida in 1837-1838.
Colonel Richard Gentry's 1st Regiment of Missouri Volunteers (Mtd. Inf.), 1837-1838.
Major Morgan's Spy Battalion, Missouri Volunteers, (Mtd. Inf.), 1837-1838.
New York:
Aggregate: A total of 90 New Yorkers served in Florida during 1837-1838.
New York Volunteer Company, 1837-1838.
Aggregate: 510 Pennsylvanians served in Florida during 1837-1838.
Pennsylvania Battalion of Infantry Volunteers, 1837-1838.
South Carolina:
Aggregate: 2,265 men from this state served as US Army volunteers in Florida between 1836-1838.
Colonel Goodwyn's Regiment of SC Mounted Volunteers (Mtd. Rifle), 1836.
Colonel William Brisbane's Regimetn of SC Volunteers (Inf.), 1836.
Captain Elmore's Corps of Columbia and Richland Riflemen, 1836.
Aggregate: A total of 1,651 men from Tennessee served in Florida during 1836-1838.
Gen. Armstrong's Brigade of Tennessee Mounted Volunteers, 1836-1837. (including the 1st and 2nd Regiments of Tennessee Mounted Volunteers.)
Major Lauderdale's Battalion of Tennessee Volunteers, 1837-1838.
Creek Indian:
Aggregate:  A total of 748 Creeks served as US Volunteers in Florida during 1836-1837.
Colonel Lane's Regiment of Creek Indian Volunteers, 1836-1837.
Delaware & Shawnee Indian:
Aggregate:  A total of 178 Delaware and Shawnee served in Florida during 1837-1838.
Captain Park's Delaware & Shawnee Volunteers, (Mtd. Rifle), 1837-1838.
Choctaw Indian:
Aggregate: A total of 485 Choctaw were mustered into service for Florida, but did not see active service.

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