The Florida Frontier Guards; Seminole War Re-enactors & Living History, 1835-1842.

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Volunteer in Hunting Coat. JM, 2005.

     Established in 2003, the "Florida Frontier Guard" is an unincorporated association of independent Seminole War reenactors dedicated to the interpretation of the common soldiers of the US Volunteer and Militia forces who served in Florida during the Seminole Wars of 1817-1818, 1835-1842, and 1855-1858. The principal impression of the FFG is of Florida miltia or US Volunteer troops of the Second Seminole War of 1835-1842. Besides local units, militiamen from several states which supplied troops for the conflict (1836-1838). Members of the FFG also interpret the service of Native-American auxilliary troops, including the "friendly Seminoles" (1835-1836), Creek Volunteer Regiment (1836-1837), and Delaware and Shawnee Volunteers (1837-1838), and Black Seminole scouts.
   Occasionally FFG members participate in living history and reenactment events commemorating the 1st Seminole War of 1818, The Seminole Indian Campaign ("crisis") of 1849, and the 3rd Seminole War of 1855-1858.
     Members are not bound to participate in any given event, or to limit their participation at an event to the group impression of the FFG. No member is bound to "fall in" with the company when present at an event. For example, many of our members also portray regular Army or Navy personnel of the Seminole War as well. The FFG is dedicated to putting the needs of the historical events or programs in which they participate first and foremost.
Bylaws & Rules:
    As of December 14, 2009 the Florida Frontier Guard operates according to the Regulations of the US Army as adopted in 1825 and in force through 1837.
    As of the same date, the FFG employs Scott's Infantry Tactics (1835) as our common infantry drill for parade and skirmish.
Membership Dues:
   There are no membership dues. Members must merely equip themselves as 1830s persons, and engage in the process of "living history..."
     The officers of the FFG are elected from among the membership. The officers consist of a Major-Commandant, a Captain and 1st and 2nd lieutenants. At events, these officers serve in whatever capacity is necessary for the purposes of the event and its organizers (from common private to military commander).

Second Seminole War Reenactors, 1835-1842