The Florida Frontier Guards; Seminole War Re-enactors & Living History, 1835-1842.

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1830s Links

    Here are links to the principal 1830s Living History sites and groups. If you are interested in 1830s living history, then these groups or places are for you. If you are not interested in travelling far to engage in the Jacksonian lifestyle, check out the links to the various sites around Florida, or those across the country, perhaps one is near you...

Dade Battlefield:   or
Fort Christmas Living History Site:
Site of Fort Lane:
Loxahatchee Battlefield:
Okeechobee Battlefield (a new State Park):
1830s Living History Sites:
Old Sturbridge Village, MA (1836):
Connor Prairie, IN (1836):
Historic Brattonville, SC: (occasionally hosts early 1830s "Nullification" musters)
Texas Revolution.
The Refugio Militia:, an 1836 unit in Texas:
The Red Rovers, from Alabama:

San Jacinto Battlefield:

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Second Seminole War Reenactors, 1835-1842