5th Regimental Combat Team Korean War Living History Association, 1950-1953.


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Pvt. Herbert Ohio, 5th RCT atop Hill 268, Waegwan.

Past Events:


Waegwan, : Battle of Hill 268, November 18-19, 2006.
Battle Reenactment of the attack of 3rd Bn/5th RCT on Commie positions near Waegwan, September, 1950 at "Five Centuries of the Soldier" time-line event. Pinellas Pioneer Settlement, Boyd Hill Nature Park, St. Petersburg, FL. Tactical attack on fortified North Korean positions Sat. & Sun. mornings. [AAR: This ingaugural event for our group was great fun and well recieved. We set up camp in an earthwork fort built at Boyd Hill Park in St. Petersburg, FL. Al McAdoo, 5th RCT, 1952 then instructed us in the basics of infantry drill, including squad column, squad diamond, and forming skirmish line. We then practiced "assault fire" on enemy positions. For the tactical demonstrations we approached the earthwork and bunkers, occupied by two communist personnel, armed with rifles, and after delivering fire, moved to flank the position. With flankers in place, throwing grenades at the embrasures,  the rest of the squad advanced, firing, and secured the position. ]

Memorial Day Weekend, 2007: May 26-27, 2007 Veterans Memorial Park, Tampa, FL. The 5th RCT LHA will have a display set up at the park during the weekend. 
Korean War Living History: May 10-11, 2008:
  Veterans Memorial Museum & Park, Tampa, Florida. Period encampment in tactical positions astride the Tampa Bypass Canal.  Tactical & weapons demonstrations Sat. and Sun. (times to be announced). Sunday, Korean War Veterans picnic. [AAR: This program came off very well, with a machine gun section (with two men), and a rifle squad (8 men), patrolling against enemy bunkers, and encountering an enemy sniper (1 man, CCF). They engaged and called in mortars, with four pyrotechnic rounds simulating impact. We used our new compressed air pyros, with excellent effect.]

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