5th Regimental Combat Team Korean War Living History Association, 1950-1953.

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    Membership in the 5th RCT (LHA) is open to any or all individuals intirested in interpreting milititary life during the Korean War, and in particular the history of the 5th RCT, (1950-1953), through participation in public living history and reenactment events. Participants must procure period correct uniforms, equipment, and weapons, and be willing to interpret the same to the public.
    While there are no membership dues, collections will be made to pool funds for quartermaster and ordnance stores, as necessary.
     For more information on membership, or questions regarding our operations, contact James Marshall at floridawar@msn.com

Master Sergeant Mike Alvarez, 5th RCT/LHA Platoon Command Group.

Current Members & Associates:
President & Founder Albert J. McAdoo (Co. E, 2/5th RCT, Korea 1952.)
Vice President & Quartermaster: James E. Marshall.
Field Personnel:
Platoon Command Group:
Platoon Leader: MSgt. Mike Alvarez. Tampa, FL.
Platoon Sergeant: SSgt. Jim "Grumpy" Baird, Tampa, FL.
Platoon Radio Man: Pfc. Matt Milnes, Holiday, FL.
"Weapons Squad: (.30 cal. MG Section)"
Squad Leader: Cpl. James "Archie" Marshall, Tampa, FL.
Squad Second in Command: Fritz Wilder, St. Pete, FL.
Jack Coleman, Thonotosassa, FL.
"Rifle Squad."
Eric Steffy
Greg Chappell
Rob Hale
Kevin Jones
Mark Marusek

Korea: 1950-1953

Make sure not to forget the heroes of the Forgotten War!