5th Regimental Combat Team Korean War Living History Association, 1950-1953.

Historical Impression

Weapons, Uniforms, Equipment

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     AS noted on our home page, the primary impression of the 5th RCT (LHA) is a squad of infantrymen of the 5th RCT, primarily in the July, 1950 to August, 1951 period.  Our members are free to interpret the 5th RCT with late war kit, including armored vests, shoulder sleeve insignias (per historical use), etc. The primary uniform items required are standard herringbone twill (HBT) fatigues, and M1943 winter field uniform items. Recruits should contact us before purchasing or utilizing items they feel are questionable. Just because it says "Korean War" or "M1951" on its Ebay listing does not mean it was used by US troops in the conflict. The following items are required for a basic impression:
US WWII M1 Helmet Assembly, with or without chin strap adapter.
US HBT field cap or M1943 or M1951 Pile field cap.
US HBT Jacket (any pattern; viz/ M1941, late WWII, or M1945).
US HBT Trousers (any pattern; M1941, bag pocket, or M1945).
US M1943 Combat Boots.
US M1948 Russet Combat Boots (similar to WWII Jump Boots, and occasionally privately purchased by 5th RCT personnel.)
US Army WWII/Korea socks, underwear, t-shirts.
Optional clothing items; for cold weather:
US Army M1943 Field Jacket & Field Trousers.
US Army M1943 Field Jacket Hood.
US M1951 Parka and hood.
US Army WWII winter overshoes.
US M1910 or M1923 Dismounted Cartridge Belt.
US First Aid Dressing Pouch.
US Plastic Capped, steel canteen, with canteen cover.
US M1944 Cartridge Belt Suspenders.
US M1943 Entrenching tool & cover.
US M1945 Combat Field Pack.
US WWII era Blanket.
US M1 Garand Rifle, cal. .30. (w/ bayonet)
US M1 Carbine, cal. .30. (w/ bayonet)
US M2 Carbine, cal. 30. (w/ bayonet)
US M1911A1 Colt Pistol, cal. .45.
US 2.35 or 3.5 inch bazooka.
US 60 or 81 mm mortar.
US M1919A4 (or M1919A6) Light Machine Gun.
US M1917 Water cooled Machine Gun.
US M1918A1 B.A.R.
Notice: For those truly interested in accurate interpretation of US Army personnel in Korea, we recommend you procure a copy of Shelby Stanton's US Army Uniforms of the Korean War published by Stackpole Books.

Basic 1950 kit: with late World war II HBT's, M43 combat boots, M1 helmet, Cartridge belt, etc.

The Addition of a burlap helmet cover and armored vest, upgrades the imrpession to ca. 1952-53.

We definitely recommend basic clothing items be reproductions. Lets preserve historical artifacts for future generations! That being said, a large amount of original equipment is out there for the intrepid collector/reenactor. Check out the following links where you can procure 90% of the US Infantryman's kit required for your Korean War impression:
www.atthefront.com: US HBT's and combat boots. Also lots of extras, including high quality cartridge belt reproductions.
www.WWIIimpresions.com: Similar to above, lots of repro. uniform and equipment items.
www.jmurrayinc1944.com: Has everything you need to retrofit your M1 helmet assembly for a WWII-Korean War impresson.
www.ocmp.com: So you need a new M1 Garand Rifle for your Korean War impression? Check this site out!
More to come!

Opposing Forces:
     The primary opposing forces impression of the 5th RCT (LHA) is that of North Korean Communist Forces of the North Korean People's Army. We are not strict regarding the equipage of our opposing forces in battle reenactments, but hope to improve this impression in the future. The North Koreans tangled with the 5th RCT in the battles of the Pusan Perimeter and at the Naktong River in August-September, 1950. Members are also free to interpret Chinese Communist personnel of the Chinese Communist Forces. The 5th RCT engaged CCF units in the winter of 1950-51, and in the Chinese Spring offensive of April, 1951.
Basic NKPA Kit includes:
WWII Soviet Steel Helmet.
NKPA Cloth cap, with NKPA insignia.
WWII Soviet Pullover shirt (acceptable in either cotton or wool gabardine).
NKPA Trousers (distinctive baggy cotton trousers, with large knee reinforcements.)
NKPA boots/shoes (rubber and canvas boots, like high top basketball shoes. Black leather shoes or boots are acceptable.) or;
WWII Soviet rubber boots (as worn by NKPA officers).
WWII Soviet ammo bandolier/ waist belt.
WWII Soviet Canteen and cover.
Soviet M1891/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle/ M44 Carbine/ PPSh submachine gun/ Soviet WWII MGs, pistols, etc.

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