5th Regimental Combat Team Korean War Living History Association, 1950-1953.

About Us & FAQ's

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

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Our Mission

     Our mission is simple: To provide an organized venue for Korean War living history/reenactment activities. This is not so simply done. First, amid the wide range of reenactment genres, Korean War has not inspired as much imitation as the Civil War or World War II. Second is the general apathy and lack of awareness or knowledge of the conflict by the general public. Both of these facts led to the formation of our project unit. We seek to correct these trends by demonstrating the use of Korean War US Army clothing, equipment, weapons, and tactics, for the benefit of the public. We do not concern ourselves with first person impressions or period immersion. Rather, we derive our links to the past through our Korean War veteran friends. We have also found this is a way (even if a wierd one) of commemorating those who served in Korea in the 1950-1953 period.

Our Organization:
     The 5th RCT (LHA) is organized to represent an infantry platoon command group, a rifle squad, and/or attached elements, of the 5th Regimental Combat Team in the 1950-1953 period. The president and founder of the 5th RCT (LHA) is Albert "Mac" McAdoo, also a member and founder of the 5th Regimental Combat Team (1949-1954) Veterans Association. "Mac"  is president for life of our humble reenacting association, but he is a benevolent dictator. The vice president and quartermaster is Archie Marshall of Tampa, FL.
    For field service at programs and events, the forces fielded by the 5th RCT (LHA) include our field commanders, platoon leader Mike Alvarez. The impression and ranks of the field officers of the 5th RCT (LHA) are subject to change based on the size/nature/impression of any given program or event. Regardless of personnel, the goal is to recreate at least a platoon command group, and at least one rifle squad unit, besides supporting weapons and equipment, etc. As we provide our own opposing forces for reenactment programs, our primary officers will serve to coordinate these personnel as well.

Our History

    Our squad was formed in Tampa, FL in December, 2005 by 5th RCT Korean War veteran Albert McAdoo and reenactors Mike Alvarez and Archie Marshall. The inspiration for this effort, our friend Albert J. Mc Adoo of Tampa, (formerly of Massachussetts). "Mac" served as a radio man with Company E of the 5th RCT in Korea in 1952. He made a number of night patrols near the "Punchbowl" near the DMZ, and served a while guarding Red POWs at Koje-Do Island. In later years "Mac" participated in World War II reenactments in the Northeast. Mac's dedication to the history of the 5th RCT in Korea is infectious. When we first met him, he was in process of expanding and revising his book, The 5th Regimental Combat Team in Korea; the First Fifty Days. This work, and its sequels covering the full length of the 5th RCT's Korean War history were first published in 1990. His willingness to share with us the unit records of the 5th in Korea directly resulted in the formation of this living history association. It is to him, all his fellow 5th RCT vets, and their comrades in arms, that we pay homage.

Q: What are your Authenticity Guidelines?
A: Anyone interested in joining our humble association of Korean War enthusiasts is encouraged to procure a copy of Shelby Stanton's "US Army Uniforms of the Korean War, 1950-1953." This is hands down the definitive account of the subject, and its data should not be ignored. There is  no point in establishing specific guidelines for the 5th RCT (LHA), as history is our guide... period! Further, examination of photographs of the 5th RCT in Korea provide more details. Mike Slater's "Hills of Sacrifice" is filled with great photos of the 5th RCT's first year in action. See our impressions page for more information on this subject.
Q: Can I wear my World War II Army uniform etc.?
A: Yes and no. Basic late WWII uniform items: viz: HBT's, M43 Field Clothing, Helmet, etc. are all the same and suitable for Korean War living history. Not particularly correct are WWII rank and unit insignias. Your haversack and pack carriers are also incorrect. But most of you already know this...
Q: I would like to do a Korean War impression. Can I participate as a ---(insert oddball impression here...)?
A: Sure, Marines, sailors, Coast Guards, Nurses, allied troops, etc. are all valid impressions for Korean War living history/reenactment programs; given that they are accurately rendered of course. Regardless, we would prefer our members have the kit to portray our basic impression as US Army infantry. A primary reason we started this project is to bring Korean War living history up to date in our area...you know...with an actual unit capable of engaging in battle reenactments, even if only squad sized. Our goal is to equip principally for the 1952-1953 period when small unit patrol actions were the principal combat operations of the war.
Q: Why reenact a "Police Action" when you can get into the real "SH#$%^" at big WWI and WWII.. events?
A: Easy, this was one hell of a police action! Secondly, most of our members and associates are WWII etc. reenactors. Korea needs its due, even with our limited efforts.
Q: Can you guys come to our event in....?
A: Probably not. We are a small group, with a membership active in other time periods of reenacting (not to mention real jobs etc.). As a result, it is hard enough trying to put together our own small events. HOWEVER, if there is a consensus, and especially if we are specifically welcomed... there is no reason not to inquire if some or all of the gang might set up a display.


Make sure not to forget the heroes of the Forgotten War!